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Large rare rare earth mine discovered in southern Yunnan

release time:2017/04/26

Source: Yunnan Net (Original Title: Extra Large Rare Rare Earth Mine Found in Southern Yunnan)

The reporter learned on the 11th from the Yunnan Nuclear Industry’s 209 Geological Brigade that after more than 7 years of unremitting efforts by geological prospectors, a large-scale weathered crust deposit of rare earth metals has been discovered in southern Yunnan, a rare ion in China. Type of adsorption rare earth resources.

According to Wang Xuewu, chief engineer of the 2009 Geological Brigade, the main feature of the ion-adsorbed rare earth ore is that the weathered crust light rare earth ore mainly formed by the weathering of alkaline syenite is lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium, and yttrium, and contains Scattered elements such as gallium, niobium, rubidium and scandium have large weathered crust thickness and good continuity. They belong to ion-type rare earth deposits in higher altitude areas and have extremely high development and utilization and scientific research value.

The reporter learned from the Reserve Evaluation Center of the Provincial Department of Land and Resources that the deposit has recently passed the expert review of the Provincial Department of Land and Resources. 360 million tons of rare earth ores were discovered in the deposit, and 470,000 tons of ion-adsorbed rare earth oxides, mainly lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium, and yttrium, with a content of 95%. A total of 57,462 tons of (associated) niobium oxide, 81,839 tons of associated rubidium, 10,818 tons of gallium, and 961 tons of scandium are all super-large scales, and the deposits have considerable potential economic value. Through experimental research, the rare earth recovery rate of the deposit is greater than 94%.

Rare earth elements are widely used in industry, mainly in metallurgy, petroleum, glass, chemical industry, electronics, atomic energy, etc. The discovery of this deposit is a major discovery in the geological exploration of rare earth deposits in Yunnan. It fills the gap that there is no super-large ion-adsorbed rare earth deposit in our province, expands the prospecting space of weathered crust ion-adsorbed rare earth deposits in our province, and makes our province hopeful Become a province with great potential for rare earth mineral resources. At present, the detailed investigation of the scope of the mineral rights has not yet finished, and there is still a good prospecting prospect.

Cloud News Reporter Zhu Dan